9 Reasons To Shop At A Thrift Store/Consignment Shop

thrift storePerhaps Macklemore’s song “thrift shop” contributed to the new popularity or maybe it’s the fact that the cost of living is rising and wages are stagnating. Either way, thrifting is becoming a real alternative to shopping at traditional retail stores.

Shopping at thrift stores used to be seen as something people that were struggling making ends meet did. Although thrifting is still a great option for those families, the stigma is gone and being thrifty is in! Thrift store items aren’t seen as old things no one wanted their seen as pre-owned treasures.

Read on to discover 9 Reasons Why You Should Be Shopping At Thrift Stores/Consignment Stores.

  1. Saving Money. Whether you are looking to furnish your home or purchase a new wardrobe, thrift shopping makes it easy to accomplish without breaking the bank. You will often find items 75%-90% off original retail prices.
  2. Designer Pieces for Low Prices. Thrift shops are great for finding designer pieces for a fraction of the amount you’d normally pay for them. And thrift stores make it easy, typically these items are out in front and highlighted as designer pieces. But don’t forget to check the back racks there may be some designer pieces hiding back there too.
  3. New Items Daily. Traditional retail stores only restock/change their pieces out infrequently. With thrift stores you can visit them multiple times a week and always find new items.
  4. You’ll Develop A Unique Wardrobe. If you purchase clothing and accessories from big retail stores you are bound to run into people that are wearing your same outfit. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a unique wardrobe full of vintage clothing and designs not seen at local retail stores can make you feel great.
  5. The Clothes Are Already Broken In. Everyone hates when they find the perfect fit in the store but then that piece of clothing gets stretched out over time or is shrunk in the dryer. Because thrift shop clothing is pre-worn it also means it’s preshrunk and survived the “will it stretch out over time” test. So, you can be sure what you’re purchasing is actually a good fit!
  6. It’s Environmentally Friendly. When you thrift shop you are re-purposing a used item that would have ended up in a landfill somewhere. On top of that, since thrift shops usually take donations/purchase items locally there is less environmental impact than retail stores that have to ship their clothing nationwide/worldwide.
  7. thrift store 2It’s Great for Kids. We’ve all been there, you’ve spent hundreds on your kids new wardrobe just to have him/her grow out of it in the next 6 months. Next time find great deals at thrift and consignment stores so your children’s growth spurts don’t break the bank.
  8. Higher Quality Items. The clothing and other items you’ll find at thrift and consignment stores are going to be higher quality. Why? Because of the fact they are there in the first place means that they were high enough quality to not break/come apart after the first few uses/wears.
  9. You Can Finally Finish All Those Pinterest Projects You’ve Pinned. We know you have a bunch of DIY projects pinned to your Pinterest board and no material to create these projects. Thrift shops can be the perfect place to look for these projects. Because items are cheap you don’t have to worry about messing up the project and wasting a lot of money. And if it goes well you’ll end up with a unique piece for your home!

So don’t wait, next time you’re out and about stop by your local thrift shop/consignment store and see what they have in inventory!

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