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8 Tips For Shopping at Thrift Stores & Consignment Shops

Thrift StoreThrift shopping is becoming more common. Perhaps Macklemore’s song “thrift shop” contributed to the new popularity or maybe it’s the fact that the cost of living is rising and wages are stagnating. Either way, thrifting is becoming a real alternative to shopping at traditional retail stores. And it should be! Shopping at thrift stores and consignment shops can be really fun! But if you want to get the most out of your shopping trip follow our 8 tips below.

  1. Thrift Shop Frequently. Thrift stores are constantly acquiring new products, if you are looking for a specific item its recommended to check in multiple times a week. Or even leave your contact info with thrift store staff, they might even give you a heads up when something comes in you’re looking for.
  2. Keep A List. Keep. Make a list on your phone of things you need or have been wanting. Review this list before you enter the thrift shop to make sure you keep an eye out for the things you actually need/want.
  3. It’s All About Location. Thrift stores/consignment shops in nicer areas tend to have nicer items and are less picked over. Look for stores in the wealthy/nicer parts of your town and check them out to see if you can’t find amazing products.
  4. Shop Around Certain Times. An influx of new inventory come to stores around the time everyone is cleaning out their home. They have an influx right after the new year, when people are giving away gifts they don’t like. There is an influx in spring when everyone is Spring Cleaning. And there is an influx in early fall after Labor Day.
  5. Size Up. Vintage clothing from the 50s-80s run a couple sizes small so it’s best to size up to make sure the clothes will fit. Better yet, try on the clothes before you buy them even if there isn’t a fitting room.
  6. Dress in Layers. Some stores don’t have dressing rooms so it’s best to wear a layer that’s tight fitting (like leggings or bodysuits) so you can try on clothing over top of without your outer layers (sweaters, t-shirts) getting in the way.
  7. Inspect the Goods. Since you’re buying used clothing, furniture, or décor these items are not guaranteed to be in pristine condition like traditional retail stores. Give the item a good once over to identify all the imperfections then decide if it’s worth buying.
  8. Learn to Sew. Lots of clothing will have a hem that has partially fallen out or loose buttons. People that can’t fix these issues themselves will tend to pass over these items. However; if you do know a few simple sewing techniques you can get all the items people pass over.
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